The iBx Network is a network of three companies. Together they can offer integrated solutions targeted to the development of biotherapeutics. Each of the companies representatives is an internationally recognised expertise in his/her domain. The companies are located in Basel, Switzerland and in the UK. They operate globally serving small biotech start-ups, biotech companies and large pharamceutical companies.

Integrated Biologix GmbH

Nonclinical drug development

Managing Director: Jennifer Sims

Dr. Jenny Sims specializes in integrated nonclinical development including pharmacology and toxicology, exposure-response relationships, immunogenicity, translational PK-PD-modeling and regulatory strategies for biopharmaceuticals, biosimilars and advanced therapeutic products. Jenny has more than 25 years experience in small molecule and biological drug development, with a major focus on biological products. She has experience of both early and late phase drug development in both the specialist biotech and global pharmaceutical industry, and UK/European regulatory agencies. Jenny has supported many successful clinical trial approvals and marketing authorizations for biopharmaceuticals and small molecules.

KinDyn Consulting Ltd

Preclinical and Clinical Pharmacology

Managing Director: Peter Lloyd

Dr. Peter Lloyd has over 25 years pharmaceutical development experience, in both the early and late development arena. His early career focused on pharmacokinetics, pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic models and exposure response relationships with small molecule NCEs. More recently he developed expertise in the development of biologics, using modeling and simulation techniques to optimize experimental design. From 2008-2014 Peter was overall accountable for PKPD and analytical strategies at Novartis to support the biologics portfolio, contribution to regulatory submission documents and interactions with Health Authorities.


Modeling & Simulation and Systems Pharmacology

Managing Director: Matthias Machacek

Dr. Machacek is specialized in Systems Pharmacology and Modeling & Simulation for research, preclinical and clinical drug development with a major focus on novel biotherapeutic formats. He is applying modeling to support target validation, compound design, candidate selection, PK/PD and GLP toxicology studies, first in human dose selection, pediatric dose selection, dose finding studies and phase III studies. Matthias has experience in both the specialist biotech and global pharmaceutical industry. He obtained several model based patents and supported submissions with modeling to European and US regulatory agencies.